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As one of the leading creative agencies in the fashion and lifestyle sector, we develop customized testimonial marketing campaigns and YOUR BRAND x TESTIMONIAL cooperations according to your brand's goals. Matching your ideas, we connect your brand with national and global testimonials (stars from music, film, TV and social media), who authentically transport your brand messages right into the heart of your target group. After 15 years, we have a maximum large network of national and international testimonials of all sizes for your campaigns.

We look forward to a discreet exchange with you!




* Fullservice Testimonial Marketing

* Testimonial Marketing Strategy Planning

* Testimonial Matching with Brand

* Content Production

* Campaign tracking

* Engagement of target group

* Testimonials for your event



* Fashion

* Beauty
* Lifestyle
* Travel

* Automotive
* Food
* Technology

* Parenting





We professionally guide your testimonial marketing campaign from the first strategy planning, over the selection of the matching testimonials and hand-tailored content production to the tracking of the campaign results and optimization of the ongoing campaign as well as future campaigns.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you among our valued customers!

At the beginning of every Testimonial Marketing Campaign we develop an accurate strategy. As first step we define the targets of your campaign in detail, get a detailed briefing about your brand´s main claims and latest marketing targets to then derive the concrete strategy, which we then implement step by step. We are pleased to provide more details in our first personal exchange!




We help you with the important step of choosing the perfect Testimonial for your campaign. With the help of our large grown network of international Testimonials and our state of the art analysis tools it is guaranteed we will find the right match for you.

We are pleased to provide more details in our first personal exchange!

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The production of authentic content is one of the keys for a successful campaign and in best hands with us.

According to your wishes and in exchange with the Testimonials we will define how your brands will be presented in the best possible way while keeping the authentic tone and look and feel of the Testimonial. We will consult with you and schedule posts and stories according to our campaign strategy and your requirements. We are pleased to provide more details in our first personal exchange!


With our state of the art analysis tools we can track posts and stories of our campaign which we can then analyse while the campaign is running. If needed this gives us the opportunity to optimize it while it is still active and or find derivations for future campaigns or additional Testimonial activities. We are pleased to provide more details in our first personal exchange!


We would be happy to arrange testimonials from music, film and television for your event, according to your budget, who will ensure a maximum buzz before, during and after the event, or who will also perform live according to your wishes and concept. From the PR effective announcement in various media and on the social media channels of the testimonial, which refer to the participation of the testimonial at the event, to the personal experience report of the testimonial at the event, to the post coverage, our testimonials bring in addition to greater reach optimal PR for you! We would be happy to tell you more in a personal conversation!

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